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Dr. Jane SmithDr. Jane Smith is an authority on creating a new life at age 50 and beyond. Her popular A Life in Four Quarters presentation is an essential experience for individuals and organizations interested in aging with wisdom. Jane's entertaining, inspirational and personal approach allows audiences to use skills from their previous experiences to create a better life moving forward.

Her interest in the topic started during childhood, as she observed older relatives living productive lives up until age 106. Born in 1946, Jane is especially passionate about helping baby boomers and others experience a second chance at a good life. Practicing what she preaches, Jane has survived heart disease and tinnitus in claiming a more hopeful life. "I am a survivor," adds Jane. "Knock me down and I bounce back. Even though I have been given much, I am known for making a way out of no way."

"The fourth quarter of our lives, ages 75 to 100, isn't what it used to be," explains Jane. "I still remember my grandmother at the age I am now, wearing a housedress and seeming so much older. Back then your sixties meant a retirement party, a watch and that was it. Things have changed so much. We need a new way to describe this seasoned, more active generation, so I call them the 'Sea Gens.' But you don't have to wait. Everybody 50 and older is invited to join us in claiming the life you really want."

Her drive for achievement started early. During her public school and college years, Jane served as a class officer, homecoming queen, head majorette, newspaper editor and author of a senior class song. Enjoying being around civil people who are different, she thrives integrating her life with others of different races, ethnic groups, religions and more. Her firsts as an African American woman are too many to remember.

Family is one of Jane's greatest passions. Extremely proud of her sons and grandchildren, she thoroughly enjoys matters related to family heritage, her position and the responsibility that it entails. Often dancing around her house while celebrating, Jane claims to be one of the best Tina Turner impersonators you will ever see.

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Jane Smith Speaks - A Life in Four Quarters

"Dr. Smith recently spoke to our group during a lab week celebration at Grady Health System. The group was very engaged and excited about the presentation. Many people responded with their own stories in response to Dr. Smith's "Life in 4 Quarters". The presentation gave us all a new perspective on our own lives and the realization that retirement, which many in the group are facing, is just another chapter in a life that could very well be re-invented."

-Marilyn S. McCain, MBA, MT H (ASCP)
Phlebotomy Manager, Clinical Laboratory
Grady Health System

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